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9 Clear Signs That Shows Your Relationship Is Not Leading To Marriage…MUST SEE



Relationships never crumble in a day, it’s a slow gradual process and the signs are always clear to those who pay attention. Often times, we choose to ignore the warning lights and clutch at straws in the hope of salvaging what we once had.
Well, Psychologist and behavioral expert,  Honey Langcaster James has revealed ways to identify if you’re involved in an unhealthy relationship. Read below:

1. Your partner treats you much better in public.

Behind closed doors your partner is either rude, grumpy, always busy, emotionally unavailable or even overtly critical and hostile towards you, yet in front of others or outside the home they treat you much better.

This suggests that their image matters more to them than you do, and they know their behavior towards you is wrong. They’re treating you with disrespect when they think they can get away with it.

2. You are preoccupied by thoughts of whether your partner loves you and whether you can trust them

Whilst some people are naturally a little more insecure than others, if you find yourself preoccupied and concerned about your relationship and whether your partner cares for you enough it suggests you are not getting enough emotional nourishment from your partner to help you feel safe and secure.

3. You find yourself ‘snooping’ and going through your partner’s messages

If you feel overly suspicious and concerned that your partner might be hiding something, but talking about things isn’t enough to reassure you, then you may have a trust problem within your relationship.

This might be because of your own insecurity or it might be because your partner is not being appropriately transparent and is giving you cause for concern.

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