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Awkward Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Super Attractive…#15 Is LIT


Some child stars win our hearts for a few years or so, before vanishing into the Hollywood ether as quickly as they came. Others stick around for years, building massive entertainment empires, all hinging on their popularity as children.

And some child stars, no matter how goofy or awkward they were at the beginning, grew up to be totally hot. Below are some of the best former kid actors who moved forward in their careers and also managed to look good in the process. #19 is totally surprising.

#1. Candace Cameron Bure – Full House

The child star was always cute, but after battling bulimia in her twenties, the Full House actress reemerged into the spotlight looking happy, healthy, and absolutely beautiful.

Candace Cameron Bure – Full House

ABC / Xavier Collin/Corbis

#2. Abigail Breslin – Little Miss Sunshine

Abigail Breslin was intentionally awkward in Little Miss Sunshine, but her confidence shone through it all. Now, she’s all grown up and a total knockout.

Abigail Breslin – Little Miss Sunshine

#3. Jeremy Jackson – Baywatch

After leaving Baywatch due to a struggle with drugs, Jackson was arrested for drug possession. He cleaned up on Celebrity Rehab, and he’s looking pretty fit these days.

Jeremy Jackson – Baywatch


#4. Shia LaBeouf – Even Stevens

LaBeouf was a dorky kid on Even Stevens, but he went on to star in Transformers, as well as becoming a sight for sore eyes.

Shia LaBeouf – Even Stevens

#5. Miranda Cosgrove – iCarly

Miranda Cosgrove made $200,000 an episode on iCarly, and she went from being an elementary school keener to being a beautiful woman. Currently, she’s still hustling hard in Hollywood for roles.

Miranda Cosgrove – iCarly
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