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2018 World Cup: Five Biggest Teams that Won’t Be in Russia (PHOTOS)


A list of the top five biggest teams in the world that won’t play in the 2018 World Cup have been revealed.

Here are some of the five biggest teams in the world that will miss the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be played in Russia as compiled by AFP.
Here five teams that shocked us by not qualifying.
USA team
1. The United States of America
It is such a surprise that USA failed to qualify for the 2018 games in Russia because the country has qualified for every World cup since 1930 till 2014 with their best result, third place, coming in the 1930 edition hosted by Uruguay. However, between 1954 and 1986, the country didn’t qualify.
USA’s lost to Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday means the country will not be in the finals for the first time in 32 years.
Chile team
2. Chile
The South American nation has a long and intriguing history in the FIFA World Cup games. Chile made its debut in the games in 1930. The Chilean team withdrew from two subsequent editions of the game in 1934 and 1938 only to come back in 1950. The team’s best result was in 1962 when it finished in the third place.
The team was disqualified from the 1990 edition of the game after a desperate shady move made by the team to force the disqualification of Brazil and ensure its own qualification. The team was also banned from the 1994 edition while its goalkeeper, Roberto Rojas who played a major role in the shady move was banned from football for life. He had claimed he was injured by a firecracker thrown into the Maracana football pitch by a Brazilian fan to force the game to an inconclusive end. The team has played in three out of the last five World Cup games, including the last two editions since the ban was lifted in 1998.
Holland team
3. Netherlands
The European country has had an impressive run in the World Cup since its first game in 1934. The Netherlands (call it Holland if you like) has played in 10 editions of the FIFA World Cup, finishing second in three editions and third in one. Unfortunately, they won’t be having a chance to take another shot at it in Russia.
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