14 Things You Should Never EVER Say During Sex… #5 Kills The Mood TOTALLY.


    One of the things that’ll surprise you about marriage is that you actually don’t know your partner as well as you thought. This is true even if you’re best friends and even if you’re the closest person to them. You find out that they’re actually a lot stronger in certain ways and more sensitive in others.

    In the end, this isn’t something to worry about. It’s impossible to share everything with someone, especially if the subject never comes up. Plus, it’s always fun getting to know more about your lover and best friend and sharing more about yourself.

    This is also true when it comes to sex. As a couple, you should keep the conversation open and going. Don’t assume that you know what your partner wants (you’ll never know if their needs have changed) and don’t take it personally if you have to learn more about what pleases them in the bedroom. Communication is key here, just like with any other part of your relationship.

    Below you’ll find what some wives have actually thought about sex but avoided saying out loud. Don’t be alarmed by these. They aren’t common or true for everyone, just in some cases. If you find that these may be issues in your relationship, talk about it with your partner.

    #1. “Wrong hole, wrong hole!”

    Your partner will probably say this one out loud. Whether it was an accident and you genuinely couldn’t tell one hole from the other or you’re trying to sneak a fast one, you should be more careful.

    "Wrong hole, wrong hole!"

    #2. “Did you just watch that in a porno or something?”

    Moves, sounds, everything. During sex, your partner has a better view of you than you do of yourself. When you reenact things you’ve picked up from a porno, whether or not you realize it, it’s probably very obvious. And for some couples, there’s nothing wrong with that (some watch it together). We all have different things that turn us on. But yeah, it’s noticeable.

    "Did you just watch that in a porno or something?"


    #3. “Why do you get to keep all your clothes on?”

    Sometimes, one partner is completely naked while the other is partially clothed. Shoes, socks, boxers at the ankles, for example. Maybe your partner is okay with it, maybe it’s weird. Again, it depends on the couple.

    "Why do you get to keep all your clothes on?"
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